Why not computer-based testing when you can use a wide range of question types?

With the CAMPUS computer system, UCAN Partners have a powerful tool to carry out examinations with different question types with a large number of students.



  • Solid, reliable solution for conducting computer-based exams

  • Use on established desktop operating systems

  • Support of all common question and item types

  • Overview page as navigation aid with various filter options

  • Technical and legal security

  • 100% compatible with other UCAN tools

Technical Safety

  • Benefit from the fault-tolerant client/server architecture, which optimally combines technical security with high usability.

  • Avoid the risk of data loss by automatically documenting and storing all your actions on the local client side.

  • Do you have server or database problems or an insufficient internet connection? Even without a Wifi, you can successfully complete your test until the end – the data of your exam items will not be lost!

Overview of the CAMPUS-Server

Legal Security

  • CAMPUS generates signed videos consisting of individual screenshots.

  • Use the documentation afterwards and indicate which answers the examinee gave during an exam – an important step towards legal security!