Derzeit findet der 3. studentische kompetenzorientierte Progresstest an 12 Fakultäten statt. Es haben sich bereits 1286 Studierende registriert. Studierende der teilnehmenden Fakultäten können sich auch in dieser Woche noch online anmelden und von Zuhause am PC teilnehmen.


Before we set eyes on our 10th anniversary year 2016 we would like to use our motivation for the remaining projects in 2015, such as the first entirely web-based Competency Progress Test in November. We hope to provide an interesting reading with this newsletter and look forward to hearing from you soon!


The GMA has published its special assessment edition of the GMS magazine. In it, various international experts, many of them UCAN partners, share their insights on the current challenges in medical assessment.


The UCAN Advisory Board Meeting will meet in Heidelberg on 16.-17. December. The main function of the Advisory Council is to enhance the communication within UCAN. Through the board, the scientific expertise of the partners can flow back to the Consortium.


In September, both the GMA and the AMEE confrences took place in Leipzig (Germany) and Glasgow (Scotland). UCAN contributed to the conferences with scientific input as well as an exhibition booth. UCAN members can download the presentations...


Web-based progress test 2015

From 16th to 29th November 2015, the 3rd UCAN Competency Progress Test will be held at 12 partner faculties in Germany and Austria. We are especially happy to announce that for the first time the test will be delivered entirely online. Students from participating parnter faculties can register and take the test from their own computer. 

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UCAN serves as umbrella organization for various "assessment networks" in the field of educational examinations. We promote and facilitate interfaculty cooperation through advice, networking, collaborative research and the development of software tools.


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tEXAM is UCANs new app for delivering written exams on tablets computers. 

With the tPRESENTER extension, assessors can remote-control media files from their tablet on a second device.