Who we are

UCAN is a non-profit umbrella organization for various Assessment Networks in the field of educational examinations.
Our team of educational experts and software developers has more than 10 years of experience in developing solutions for educational exams.
With more than 60 Partners from 8 countries, UCAN is among the leaders providing all-in-one solutions for educational exams.

Der Verbund beim Partnertreffen 2015 an der Universitätsmedizin Göttingen

What we do

  • We facilitate inter-faculty cooperation through advice, conferences and networking.
  • We assist faculties to set up new Assessment Networks in their respective field of education.
  • We give technical support and further develop the UCAN SOFTWARE TOOLS.
  • We do research in order to further optimize the assessment workflow.
  • We conduct workshops and training programs for members and interested faculties.

Where we come from

In 2005, various German faculties joined together under the name of "Medical Assessment Alliance". Based on the principles of sharing knowledge through inter-faculty cooperation, the Alliance revolutionized the workflow in (medical) assessment by introducing the ‘ItemManagementSystem’ (IMS). Since its inception, the alliance has grown to include more than 40 European faculties. Over time, non-medical faculties from around the world realized how well the IMS suits their requirements, too. In order to serve the needs of these new members, an umbrella consortium was formed - the Umbrella Consortium for Assessment Networks, in short UCAN.

Our mission

UCAN's aim is to improve the quality of education by enabling our Partners to produce excellent exams. 

We do so by assisting our worldwide partners in their day-to-day reality as assessors. In a fast-changing environment this requires to focus on current challenges like establishing common quality standards for competency-based examinations. Carrying on the spirit of the Medical Assessment Alliance, we strongly believe in cooperation and resource-sharing as key principles for today’s quality management in educational examinations.

UCAN in numbers

  • over 66 members from 8 countries
  • more than 325.000 items in the item pool
  • more than 5000 individual users organized in 1500 groups
  • 21.000 exams conducted around the world with UCAN Tools
  • over 7 Mio. students assessed with UCAN Tools