Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,
dear UCAN-Partner,

the aim of the Umbrella Consortium for Assessment Networks (UCAN) is the scientific exchange of experiences and expertise and the concentration of resources in the field of assessments.

In this day and age digital technologies are becoming increasingly important. The current developments in electronic assessment demonstrate, that the usage of computer assisted systems and mobile devices will change the way how we assess knowledge and competencies in the future.

We would like to welcome you at our UCAN Conference with the topic:

E-Assessment: putting technology to work

Over the past few years, we have collaborated on over 410,000 exam questions, conducted more than 25,000 exams, researched scientific topics, and made significant conceptual advances. Today, UCAN is one of the most successful cooperation in the field of testing worldwide.

Together we want to empower our community and prepare everyone for safe use of electronic assessments.

We thank our partners very much for the good cooperation and wish you a lively exchange at our UCAN Conference!

Kind regards

Konstantin Brass
Managing Director