Prof. Jürgen Handke

E-Assessment – Variants and Scenarios 

What still seems to be visionary for many institutions has become reality in our speaker's educational approach: assessment applying modern technologies. In order to understand these new possibilities, J. Handke will first define the principles of electronic assessment and its potential and will then look at various types of e-assessment beyond mere knowledge tests. With trend-setting concepts such as competence-oriented e-assessment with Internet use, collaborative group e-assessments or the use of humanoid robot examiners, the future of e-assessment has become his present.

Handke is the main German representative of the Inverted Classroom Model and was awarded several teaching awards for digital teaching and learning or special course formats. He is a member of the national board "Hochschulforum Digitalisierung" and of the advisory board for the foundation of the new TU Nuremberg. In 2017, he started using humanoid robots in digital teaching and learning scenarios (state government funded project H.E.A.R.T).

PD. Dr. Malte Persike

Assessment Analytics

PD Dr. phil. Malte Persike is a psychologist and scientist at Johannes Gutenberg University in Mainz. There he devotes himself to the study of statistics and empirical methods in psychology studies. In 2012, Malte Persike received the Ars Legendi Award for Outstanding University Teaching for his innovative teaching and assessment concepts. Mr. Persike is a member of many taskforces and project groups around the topics of e-learning, evaluation and blended learning. Since 2017 he leads the working group “digitisation of the University of Mainz". His field of research focuses the topics of Learning Analytics and Educational Data Mining.