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Umbrella Consortium
for Assessment Networks

Wieblinger Weg 92A
69123 - Heidelberg/Germany

Tel: +49 (0)6221 - 1867490

Support for UCAN Partners

As an UCAN Partner you can reach our technical support 24/7 through our

Support System

Note: Each support request is tagged with a unique ID. We would therefore like to request you to use a new ticket for a new request.

General Enquiries

For general enquiries please feel free to contact us via phone or preferabily by Email:

Scientific Director

Dipl.-Inform. Med. Konstantin Brass

Technical Director

Dipl.-Inform. Med. Lars Feistner


Software Developer

Dipl.-Inform. Med. Winfried Kurtz


Software Developer

Dipl.-Inform. Marcus Lindner


Software Developer

Dipl.-Inform. Med. Jörn Heid


Software Developer

Dipl.-Inform. Klaus Yan

Technical Support

Eduard Laas


Sofia Gelashvili

Partner Relationship Management

Public relations

Dipl.-Päd. Anna Friederike Mutschler