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Assessing the skills of medical specialists can bring many challenges – even more so on European level. UCAN tools help assessors to save resources, collaborate between institutions and enhance the quality of their AMS programs. 

Save your resources

  • Collaborative item writing & exam management with the web-based ItemManagementSystem (IMS)
  • Increased efficiency by delivering exams on tablet computers or scanner-readable sheets
  • less work steps due to e-data transfer and grade calculation.

Ensure the quality

  • Computer-aided assessment & automatic grade calculation reduces errors
  • Automatic test-statistical analysis gives immediate feedback on item & exam quality
  • Collaborative inter-site review of items and exams


  • Partners have complete access to all UCAN tools for item & exam management, delivery on scanner-based sheets, or tablets as well as the quality assurance tools.
  • Contact us for more information!
Marcus Lindner:
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