The GMA has published its special assessment edition of the GMS magazine. In it, various international experts, many of them UCAN partners, share their insights on the current challenges in medical assessment.


In September, both the GMA and the AMEE confrences took place in Leipzig (Germany) and Glasgow (Scotland). UCAN contributed to the conferences with scientific input as well as an exhibition booth. UCAN members can download the...


Australian Faculty Network

In 2015, three Australian universities signed a cooperation agreement with UCAN to pilot the creation of a shared pool of English language medical items utilising the UCAN ItemManagementSystem (IMS). Bond University, University of Tasmania and James Cook University, supported by IDEAL Consortium of which they are all members, aim to contribute quality-assured, exit-level, English-language medical items to the IMS public pool. Each university will then sample from this shared pool of items to create an exit level medical exam suitable for their individual curriculum. 


  • Partners have complete access to all UCAN tools for item & exam management, delivery on scanner-based sheets, or tablets as well as the quality assurance tools.
  • Contact us for more information!

Ensure the quality and save resources

 It is anticipated that this pilot will allow the universities to test the functionality of the web-based workflow management system of the IMS and the ability to produce psychometrics with the UCAN tool ‘Examinator’. The Australian Partners anticipate that the sharing of exam items and their performance psychometrics will have the added advantage of quantitative benchmarking of graduate outcomes and enhanced quality assurance of the partner assessment processes.

iDEAL consortium partners

Is your faculty part of the IDEAL Consortium? Please contact us to learn more about how you could then profit from the UCAN-IDEAL cooperation...