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UCANs Medical Faculty Network

Who we are

The Medical Faculty Network is a non-profit Assessment Network under UCAN. Based on the principles of sharing and cooperation in medical assessment, the alliance has grown to include more than 30 faculties from various countries. 


The preparation, quality assurance, execution and evaluation of formative and summative examinations is associated with high costs in resources and money. Every semester the exam questions must be conceived and examined in the review processes for formal and substantive errors. Exams must be purposefully arranged based on the experiences of past semesters and, if necessary, permuted to prevent cheating.

As part of the quality assurance, a timely test-statistical assessment exposes abnormalities and allows corrections before the publication of the exam results. Subsequently, these have to be evaluated according to the provisions of the study and examination regulations.

For this purpose,  The Medical Faculty Network was initiated in 2006 by the partner faculties of Heidelberg, Berlin and Munich.


Dipl.-Inf. med. Konstantin Brass
Im Neuenheimer Feld 346
69120 Heidelberg, Germany

Our aims

  • Cooperation and knowledge exchange in all areas concerning medical examinations
  • quality assurance and resource optimisation in exams
  • development and establishment of standards
  • development of new and innovative exam types
  • bind resources in research for example through joint proposals for projects