Become a UCAN Partner

UCAN’s approach of “competency through cooperation” is attracting more and more faculties to join the UCAN community. So far, over 60 faculties from around the world have already become Partners - Here’s why: 

  • Partners have  complete access to all UCAN tools and solutions. With the internationally renowned ItemManagementSystem, the Examinator and our solutions for computer-based/scanner-based exams, UCAN Partners gain complete control over their exams along the entire workflow.
  • As an UCAN partner, all these software tools can be used FOR FREE. This unique approach is possible due to the fact that as a non-profit organization we are completely dedicated to the needs of our Partners.
  • As a Partner you have access to the members section of the UCAN website as well as to the User Forum. Both sections contain a vast pool of useful resources on examinations, assessment, current trends and UCAN publications.
  • All Partners are invited for regular training programs, high-level conferences on examination and assessment issues, cooperation meetings and other common activities.
  • As a member of an Assessment Network, partner faculties can influence the general development of its group and have a saying in questions related to the development of new software tools.  

Partner faculties


cube with german flag
  • 23 Medical Faculties
  • 8 Dental Faculties
  • 9 Medical Chambers
  • 1 Faculty for Chemistry
  • 1 Faculty for Biology
  • 1 Faculty for Neurosciene
  • 2 Faculty for Veterinary Medicine
  • IMPP


  • 2 Medical Faculties
  • 1 Academy for Health


  • 2 Medical Faculties
  • 1 Dental Faculty
  • 1 Faculty for Nursing Science
  • 3 Academies for midwives


  • 1 Medical Faculty


  • 1 Assessment Center for foreign physicians and nurses
  • 1 Medical Faculties


  • 5 Medical Specialist Societies