"Why spend hours writing a new item when there's already an excellent question  reviewed by experts from around the world?"

The ItemManagementSystem (IMS) is the backbone of the UCAN toolbox. Create, manage and share your items. Build your exams - and let the integrated review function and test statistical tools take care of the quality management.

Download the IMS factsheet...

Item Management

Create items...

Choose from a long list of item types: common item types or subject-specific question types due to the sharing of expertise by renowned educational institutions within the consortium the IMS is always up-to-date with the latest question types. You already have a solid, personal question pool? Import your existing items with the import function into the IMS and decide which items you want to share and which ones will remain private.

Manage items...

  • Use the power search function to immediately find an item –even when your pool comprises tens of thousands of items.
  • Move items between different pools or classification filters by drag & drop.
  • Individualize your personal IMS account by customizing the item management area.
  • Log in to the IMS from wherever you are. All you need is a computer with an internet connection.
  • In order to give you full control over your items, the IMS lets you choose whether you want to store your items in a personal pool or whether you want to share them with your working groups. These groups allow you to build inter-faculty ties with colleagues to design items and examinations and cooperate on other aspects of the assessment process. 

IMS functions overview

  • Create, manage and share items and exams
  • State-of-the-art quality assurance through review and test statistics
  • Blueprinting for the creation of good, reliable exams
  • Integrated customizable review checklists
  • Technical and judicial security
  • 100% compatible with the other UCAN tools

Share items...

Sharing and cooperation – these are the main principles of UCAN. The specific architecture based on classification filters allows you to easily share items within and between educational institutions.
Browse through an enormous pool of shared items and select questions based on the reviews and test statistical results.

Exam Management

  • Create exams simply by using drag & drop. Add pictures or graphs from your personal media library.
  • The integrated Blueprint System assists you further by defining specific content sections, Evaluation Blueprints and even a time schedule with the help of a Date Blueprint.
  • Let the IMS create different versions of your exam to prevent students from copying.
  • Export your exam to the format of your choice:  printable exam sheets, sheets for integrated document reading systems or our on-board computer-based systems like CAMPUS, tOSCE or tExam.

Item Review

Review processes are often considered time-consuming and difficult due to limited resources. Research has shown that the IMS with its improved system functionalities for reviews can help to increase the number of reviews conducted.

Appreciating the fact that there are different workflows in the review process, the IMS supports both individual and group reviews. Content and formal reviews can be conducted directly inside the IMS via Standardized Review Checklists.

The results of the item review are automatically uploaded into the item pool, helping the other users to identify good items to secure justiciable and reliable examinations.