Scanner-based exams

Depending on the amount of students and the question type used in a particular exam, exams based on scanner-readable paper sheets can be a good choice. All IMS tools are completely interoperable with the typical scanner-based solutions. 

Continue to use your preferred scanner-based system (we support most of the common scanner systems) or choose the on-board scanning system KLAUS - it's free for our Partners.

Download the scanner solutions factsheet...

1. From the IMS...

Directly export your IMS-created exams to scanner-readable exam sheets like KLAUS, VOSYS, QTI or ILIAS.


2. the exam...

Scan the completed exams, e.g. with the on-board scanner-reading system KLAUS and let the results be generated automatically.


3. ...and back!

Easily import the results back into the IMS for further processing and storage.

The scanner-system KLAUS

  • KLAUS is a system for scanned-based exams developed by the German company BLUBBSOFT.
  • BLUBBSOFT has a long experience with reliable and secure scanner-based exams.
  • High-speed scanning and processing of exam sheets.
  • KLAUS is characterized by its high identification rate.
  • For more Information please check BLUBBSOFT's website or contact the UCAN team.