The Standardized Patients Database (SPDB)

This new UCAN tool facilitates the administration of your Standardized Patients Programme. The database stores all the relevant information of available actors including their roles and experience.


  • The Standardized Patients Database (SPDB) is a comprehensive management tool for both SP actors & trainers.
  • It is fully integrated in the ItemManagementsystem, therefore seamlessly working together with all other UCAN tools.
  • The system is highly customizable in order to fit the specific needs of your faculty.
  • The SPDB is free of cost for our Partners.

SPDB Features

  • Easy storage & management of all relevant SP information
  • SP role administration for the definition & assignment of specific roles for certain diseases and clinical situations
  • OSCE station management
  • Event management tool including automatic email notifications
  • Integrated billing function

Download the SPDB factsheet...

The Standardized Patients Database can be seamlessly integrated with the ItemManagementSystem and out tablet-based solutions for OSCE examinations.