Tablet-based OSCEs with tOSCE

tOSCE is UCAN‘s tablet app for evaluating an examinee‘s OSCE performance on a tablet computer instead of using paper sheets. The fail-safe system is highly flexible and can integrate numerous different checklist and global rating formats.

More than 20 renowned institutions around the world already use tOSCE for good reasons: 

  • Easier and quicker evaluation of the student’s performance
  • Reduced error rate and less work due to automatic data transmission
  • No more missing data or omission of questions
  • massively reduced paper consumption

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How does it work?

Create your OSCE stations with the help of the ItemManagementSystem.
Choose between many different checklist and global rating scales.
Export the OSCE to the tablets that will be used by the assessors as checklists.
conduct the OSCE using the tablets as electronic checklists
Use optional QR code scanning for student identification.
The exam data is automatically transferred to the server.
tOSCE works seamlessly together with other UCAN Tools, such as the Examinator.

           Who can use tOSCE?                     Download the tOSCE factsheet


The tPRESENTER lets examiners stream and remote-control videos and pictures from their tablet via Bluetooth onto a second tablet. Assessors can thus conveniently include media files in their OSCE stations and display it to the examinees. While still using his/her tablet for as an electronic OSCE checklist.

tOSCE features

  • Generally built to support different tablets (currently optimized for iPads due to better performance and availibility of a kiosk mode)
  • QR-code scanning for fast and easy identification of students and OSCE stations
  • Exams are automatically pushed to the tablets.
  • Optional RFID scanning of student's card using inexpensive Raspberry PI devices
  • No permanent WIFI connection needed (offline mode)
  • advanced commenting function via keyboard, predefinable comment snippets, stylus/finger, audio recording or scanned hand-writing
  • Completely adaptive checklists, global rating and predefined text options
  • Stop watch helping examiners to keep track of the time

Technical and legal security

Technical security and reliability are of utmost importance during electronic exams.

  • tOSCE stores the exam data safely on the tablet device as well as the server.
  • Screenshots of the examinee‘s selections can be used for legal documentation.
  • Connection losses don‘t have a negative impact on an ongoing exam.

the all-in-one-advantage: as an UCAN member you can also use the IMS Standardized Patients admin tool and the OSCE admin tool in order to have full control over your OSCEs.


tEXAM is UCANs new app for delivering written exams on tablets computers. Instead of using costly and non-mobile computer pools, tablet-based written exams with tEXAM provide maximum flexibility without compromising on technical and judicial security.  

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