Tablet-exams with tEXAM

tEXAM is UCANs new app for delivering written exams on tablets computers. Instead of using costly and non-mobile computer pools, tablet-based written exams with tEXAM provide maximum flexibility without compromising on technical and judicial security.

tEXAM supports all the items types that are integrated in the ItemManagementSystem.

Download the tEXAM factsheet [pdf]


A user-friendly layout helps the students concentrate on the content of the exam.

Due to the automatic export of the results, the error rate is reduced drastically.

Less paper is needed. This saves resources and helps protecting the environment.

tEXAM ist free of charge for our Partners. 


Designed to support most modern tablets

student identification via username and password, QR codes or via Single-Sign-On

No permanent Wi-Fi connection needed

Supports the following item types: Type A, PickN, Long Menu, Keyfeature, KPrim, free text, star-shaped pattern, extended matching and more.

Multi-language support

Secure & Reliable

Technical security and reliability are of paramount importance during exams, even more so if electronic devices like tablets are in use. 

Out of our long hands-on experience with computer-based exams we were able to introduce a system where all data is safely stored on the tablet. It automatically synchronizes with the server, once a connection is established. 

Due to this architecture the system can be run without a permanent Wi-Fi connection.