Berne University of Applied Sciences, Department of Economics, Health, Social Work

The Bern University of Applied Sciences, Department of Health, has been a partner of UCAN since April 2013. The Department of Health focuses on the disciplines of physiotherapy, nursing, nutrition and dietetics as well as midwives and offers the full range of services (studies, further education, services, applied research and development).
With the UCAN tools, the Berne University of Applied Sciences has web-based applications that meet the requirements of the review process when creating exam questions and cover the aspects of quality assurance for question development and revision using statistical parameters. All candidates undergo a two-part aptitude test to be admitted to the study programme. This decides on admission to the programme. The first part of the approximately 1200 candidates per year are tested in writing using the ItemManagementSystem (IMS) and scanner-based paper sheets.
The IMS is also used in all study programmes for written examinations with scanner sheets. In the Bachelor of Science in Nutrition and Dietetics, counseling sessions are also tested with the help of tOSCE (tablet-based). The IMS makes it possible to relieve the workload of numerous recurring administrative tasks.

UCAN Partner since 2013