Karl Landsteiner Private University for Health Sciences

The Karl Landsteiner Private University has been a UCAN partner since 2014. At the KL, medical studies are currently offered in the Bachelor/Master system. The Bachelor’s degree is in English. It is module-based (system-based, integrated) and contains longitudinal competence-based elements. UCAN-supported examinations normally take place at the end of each module as part of module examinations and at the end of each academic year as part of integrative cross-sectional examinations. From the 3rd academic year onwards, only questions based on clinical cases are used. All written examinations are currently conducted on PCs. The clinical training OSCE and 2 further practical exams are tested with tablets. Short answer question examinations and selection interviews are currently also converted into the e-format.
The following tools are used at the KL: IMS-Database, tablet-based OSCE, computer-based examinations, test statistical analysis and the student competence-oriented progress test.
KL is very interested in a scientific cooperation with other UCAN partners. Its expertise lies in the area of economization of examinations (sequential testing).

UCAN Partner since 2014