Medical Faculty of the Ruhr University Bochum

The Faculty of Medicine at the Ruhr University Bochum (RUB) has been a member of the assessment consortium since 2017. It offers an integrated reform study program in medicine with 344 study places in pre-clinical and 246 study places in clinical training. Clinical training takes place at the UK-RUB, the privately sponsored Ruhr University’s hospital, known as the “Bochum Model”. It has more than 3,500 beds at 12 locations.

Meanwhile, all MC exams are keyed in the IMS. The faculty has set up a computer room with 176 workstations in which the entire cohort can be examined in two rounds using the CAMPUS system. A second, compatible computer room with over 200 seats is currently being set up by the university. The UCAN system has also proven its efficiency in scanner-based paper examinations.

In the area of exam development, the medical school’s IMS question pool includes over 7,000 questions, of which 5,000 are for the clinical study section. This item pool results from the work of numerous teams, which are accompanied by a review process from a central location. The faculty benefits from the online-based IMS, which facilitates decentralized exam development across clinical locations.

Complementary to the CAMPUS use, it is planned to conduct decentralized exams in the UK-RUB with iPads via tEXAM and to expand them with new exam formats.


UCAN Partner since 2017