Medical Faculty of the University of Augsburg

Since October 2019, doctors have been trained in a model study program at the Medical Faculty of the University of Augsburg. The model character of the program is particularly evident in the fact that the program is not divided into a preclinical phase (natural and social science, theoretical foundations of medicine) and a subsequent clinical phase (clinical-theoretical and clinical disciplines), but rather preclinical basic science and clinical content is taught in an integrated manner. In this way, students gain insights into medical practice at an early stage. In this way, they experience contact and interaction with patients at an early stage. In addition, special emphasis is placed on scientific and evidence-based thinking and acting. Through targeted promotion of social and communicative skills, the personal development of the students is promoted and strengthened in a special way.

The goal and claim of the model study program is a professionally education, oriented towards medical skills and roles. A special concern is to support the students in their professional development as doctors in the best possible way.

In order to reflect this development in the field of examinations, the Medical Faculty Augsburg is also a member of the Umbrella Consortium for Assessment Networks. Students will be able to take both paper-based exams and desktop-based exams on their own purchased laptops. In the long term, it is planned to conduct OSCE examinations using the App tOSCE.


UCAN-Partner since 2019