Medical Faculty of the University of Ulm

The Medical Faculty of the University of Ulm has been a member of the UCAN examination network since summer 2011. The decisive factors for the membership were the possibility of inter-university cooperation, the stimulation of cooperation within the University of Ulm (group pools) and the optimisation of the workflow.
In Ulm, tablet-based practical examinations have been carried out since 2013 and since 2016, the app tEXAM has been used, with which combined examinations (MC and practical exam part) as well as regular examinations with different question types (e.g. Long_Menu, ROI, hot spot, etc.) can be carried out tablet-based. In addition, the Medical Faculty of the University of Ulm has been using the SP-database system for web-based administration of the simulation patient program since 2015. All in all, tOSCE, tEXAM, EXAMINATOR, the SP-database as well as the public pool of the IMS are used in Ulm. In other subjects, the IMS is only used as a system for creating exams. Over the years, close cooperation has developed with the system developers and the scientific advisory board.

UCAN partner since 2011