University of Fribourg, Faculty of Science and Medicine

The University of Fribourg has been a UCAN partner since 2015. Within the Section of Medicine of the Faculty of Science and Medicine, UCAN based testing is carried out for the written exams of the study programmes in Medicine (Bachelor and Master), as well as the programme in Biomedical Sciences (BMS).

Each year, around 80 paper-based exams are created using the ItemManagementSystem (IMS). The answer sheets are scanned and corrected using KLAUS and the results are evaluated in EXAMINATOR. The statistical data is then reinjected into IMS. The collection of questions in a database, the Item Review tool and the analysis of the psychometrics produced by EXAMINATOR allow a continuous improvement of the quality of questions and the exams overall, with the help also of the partners in the UCAN network.

The Section of Medicine of the Faculty of Science and Medicine offers bilingual studies, and all exam questions are provided both in German and in French simultaneously. The challenge of developing and implementing this bilingualism in IMS was successfully achieved through a close cooperation between the Institut für Kommunikations- und Prüfungsforschung and the University of Fribourg.

The Section of Medicine plans to progressively introduce further tools during the academic year 2020-2021: tEXAM for testing on iPads and online, as well as tOSCE.


UCAN Partner since 2015