Always the right answer

As a joint Assessment Network, the focus is on cooperation, exchange of experience and knowledge as well as the bundling of resources. In close cooperation with our UCAN Partners, we have therefore developed together tools for the preparation, implementation and evaluation of exams and are constantly expanding them. A membership in UCAN includes the use of these UCAN Tools and software licenses.

UCAN Tools

1. Create questions and exams

With our online platform you can easily create your exam with your own questions or with questions from other colleagues.

2. Pre-Review

With the help of standardized checklists, you can check your questions again for formalities and content before the exam – also in exchange with your colleagues.

3. Performance of your exam

Regardless of whether you are examining written, oral or practical – UCAN always provides you with the right tool.

4. Evaluation

After the examination you can automatically calculate the results and test statistics and give your students feedback.

5. Post-Review

After the examination, you can use the calculated test statistical values to review your questions and draw conclusions, for example, about the quality of your curriculum or examinors reliability.

6. Common Item-Pool

All collected data (items, reviews, test statistics) can be made available to other examiners in the common item-pool and exchanged with each other. This makes it easier for you to plan and prepare for the next exams. 

ItemManagementSystem (IMS)

Manage all your exams in this database.


Perform your written exam tablet-based and stay as flexible as possible.


Campus is a powerful tool for conducting computer-based exams.


Our app helps you to carry out oral-practical examinations with tablets.


Transfer live media files from your tablet to a second device.


The EDGAR scanner system is your solution for paper-based examinations.


Perform oral exams with up to 4 examiners tablet-based.


Automatically calculate test results, key metrics and more.


Manage your simulation patient program from A to Z.


Check the performance of your students who are not classically registered.

Student ProgressTest

Check the knowledge growth of your students longitudinally.


Record role plays on video and annotate them immediately afterwards.