Examine and grade oral performances with up to 4 examiners.

The App tORAL offers support in the implementation of oral examinations. The chairman has the possibility to carry out the performance evaluation tablet-based with a total of 4 examiners.



  • By using platform-independent software, the app can be operated on many tablets.

  • Exam is automatically uploaded from the server to the tablets

  • Chairperson can invite up to three other iPads to a group

  • Inspection of the evaluation of the other examiners by the chairperson and final evaluation

  • Stopwatch function to help managing the time.

  • Fully customizable valuation list with expectation horizon.

  • No permanent Wi-Fi connection required (offline mode)

  • 100% compatible with other UCAN tools

Technical Safety

  • tORAL stores your data securely on the tablet as well as on the server.

  • With the QR-Code-Scanning you can record your examinees comfortably. Optionally, RFID scanning of student cards is available through cost-effective Rasp-berry PI devices or Single Sign-On.

  • No permanent WLAN connection necessary (offline mode).

Legal Security

  • Be legally secure – screenshots can be used to prove exactly how the examiners assessed the results.