Test oral and practical and never loose the overview again!

tOSCE provides UCAN Partners with a comprehensive tool for testing practical skills. The system is characterised by its high flexibility and fault tolerance.



  • By using platform-independent software, the app can be run on many tablets.

  • Exam is automatically uploaded from the server to the tablets

  • Additional comments function via keyboard, predefined comment fields, audio recording or handwriting

  • Picture taking of notes etc. (e.g. laboratory notes, drawings)

  • Fully customizable checklists, global ratings and predefined text options

  • No permanent WiFi connection necessary (offline mode)

  • Stopwatch function to help managing time

  • Play videos or images from the examiner’s tablet on a second tablet with tPRESENTER

  • 100% compatible with other UCAN tools

Technical Safety

  • tOSCE stores your data securely on the tablet as well as on the server.

  • With QR code scanning, you can conveniently capture your examinees and OSCE stations.

  • No permanent WLAN connection required (offline mode).


Legal Security

  • Be legally secure – screenshots of the checklist can be used to prove exactly how the examiner has assessed the results.