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The UCAN Toolbox

Imagine a powerful all-in-one-platform that assists you and your staff throughout the examination process. Preparation, administration, implementation, evaluation and cooperation with others have become as easy as it can get – with the UCAN tools.

  • Manage the complete workflow with just one tool.
  • Decrease the amount of work of your scientific personnel through better cooperation
  • Reduce the working hours of your administrative staff through efficiency gains.
  • Minimize the risk of judicial reclamation.

different tools - one solution

The UCAN solution towards examinations is based on a modular "toolbox"-system with all the modules structured around the ItemManagementSystem. With this approach we can guarantee a seamless integration of all new modules with the other tools. As an UCAN partner you can therefore profit from the flexibility of a modularized system and still have an all-in-one toolbox system. 

The really good news: All UCAN tools are completely free of cost for Partners.

This includes developing costs, support and training programs. An offer so far unbeaten by any for-profit or not-for-profit solution provider. BECOME A UCAN PARTNER