Touchstone Institute, Toronto

The Touchstone Institute has partnered with UCAN in 2014 and we have been using the tOSCE app to administer our assessments for over 3 years. The seamless integration of tOSCE app and Item Management System (IMS) has helped us evolve as an organization. Our workflow is organized through IMS and our efficiency has improved. We pride ourselves in setting a gold standard in the administration of assessments and are always looking for new innovative ways to further that notion. Incorporating tOSCE has greatly reduced logistical work before and after an exam. It has also helped us reduce the use of paper, a making of a more environmentally friendly organization. We implemented the use of the tOSCE app in January of 2015 in which we used 6 iPads for live scoring of our Internationally Educated Nurses Competency Assessment Program. We used 10 for live scoring in our February iteration. Ever since then we have been using the tOSCE app in 36 of a possible 72 stations. Moving forward, we plan to use iPads and the tOSCE app to score all of our assessments.


UCAN-Partner seit 2014