Become a UCAN Partner

More and more institutions are convinced that cooperation is the future of examinations and are becoming members of a UCAN Assessment Network. And for good reason:

  • Exchange of joint experiences and bundling of resources

  • Regular trainings, conferences and events

  • Access to a rich fund of resources, articles and publications in the field of examinations

  • Co-determination of future developments of UCAN

  • Unrestricted use of the compliant UCAN software modules, apps and additional activities with no additional costs, as we are a non-profit organization and only committed to our partners.

All modules are free of charge for UCAN partners – including development costs, support and trai-ning. An offer that has not yet been surpassed by any commercial or non-commercial provider!

Do you have any questions about our UCAN Consortium or would you like further information? Our UCAN Partner Support will be pleased to answer your questions.