Why not perform a tablet-based exam when you can be flexible in time and space?

Instead of using expensive and non-mobile computers in a PC pool, tablets offer maximum flexibility – without neglecting the technical and legal security of examinations.



  • Fast, convenient and secure evaluation of test performance

  • No permanent WLAN connection required (offline mode)

  • Easy integration of different media types

  • Supports a variety of item and question types such as Type A, PickN, Long_Menu, Key Feature, KPrime, Open Text, Extended Matching, Region of Interest or Hot Spot

  • 100% compatible with other UCAN tools

Technical Safety

  • Don’t commit to one software; the UCAN modular system is platform-independent, so you can easily perform your tablet-based exam.

  • With QR code scanning, you can conveniently capture your examinees. Optionally, RFID scanning of student cards using inexpensive Raspberry PI devices or Single Sign-On are available.

  • Minimize the error rate due to the automatic transmission of results.

  • Your data is automatically synchronized with the server as soon as a connection exists.

  • No permanent WLAN connection required (offline mode).


Legal Security

  • tEXAM generates signed videos consisting of individual screenshots for each examinee.

  • In these videos, the participants’ answering behavior during the exam can be tracked independently of the EXAMINATOR results, i.e. you can see which questions and answers the examinee has seen and selected.

  • Use this documentation – it is another important step towards legal security.


Have a look into the app


1. Single Choice-Question

2. HotSpot-Question

3. Kprime-Question

4. Long_Menu-Question

5. Manual selection of individual questions

6. Integrated Notebook

7. Calculator

8. Preview of an exam question on the tEXAM server