Why not perform a tablet-based exam when you can be flexible in time and space?

Instead of using expensive and non-mobile computers in a PC pool, tablets offer maximum flexibility – without neglecting the technical and legal security of examinations.



  • Fast, convenient and secure evaluation of test performance

  • No permanent WLAN connection required (offline mode)

  • Easy integration of different media types

  • Supports a variety of item and question types such as Type A, PickN, Long_Menu, Key Feature, KPrime, Open Text, Extended Matching, Region of Interest or Hot Spot

  • 100% compatible with other UCAN tools

Technical Safety

  • Don’t commit to one software; the UCAN modular system is platform-independent, so you can easily perform your tablet-based exam.

  • With QR code scanning, you can conveniently capture your examinees. Optionally, RFID scanning of student cards using inexpensive Raspberry PI devices or Single Sign-On are available.

  • Minimize the error rate due to the automatic transmission of results.

  • Your data is automatically synchronized with the server as soon as a connection exists.

  • No permanent WLAN connection required (offline mode).


Legal Security

  • tEXAM generates signed videos consisting of individual screenshots.

  • Use the documentation afterwards and indicate which answers the candidates gave during an examination – an important step towards legal security.


Have a look into the app


1. Single Choice-Question

2. HotSpot-Question

3. Kprime-Question

4. Long_Menu-Question

5. Manual selection of individual questions

6. Integrated Notebook

7. Calculator

8. Preview of an exam question on the tEXAM server