Department of Medicine of the Philips University Marburg

Phillips University Marburg has been a UCAN partner since 2010, initially together with Gießen. Many e-examinations are written at the Marburg Department of Medicine, some of them since 2008. Today, with a few exceptions, all written examinations are e-examinations. For those examiners who use the IMS database for the compilation of the exams, a corresponding interface was developed in close cooperation between Marburg HRZ employees and UCAN.
The two medical departments of the Universities of Gießen and Marburg have been working closely together for many years in the field of e-learning, learning platforms and e-assessments. At UCAN, the two departments were accepted as members together.
The number of subjects using the IMS is constantly increasing. Marburg examiners use the IMS most intensively for the compilation of written examinations, which are then transferred to the ILIAS-based e-examination system. Soon the tOSCE software will also be used.


UCAN-Partner since 2010