Medical Faculty of RWTH Aachen University

The Medical Faculty of RWTH Aachen University has been a member of UCAN since 2013. Central, electronically supported evaluations of paper-based (MC) exams with up to 90 exams per year are carried out by UCAN with a total of 280 students per year.
There are currently 316 computer workstations available, some of which are already being used for exams at other faculties (not yet at the Medical Faculty).
Aachen’s membership in UCAN was mainly supported by the use of the question pool, the increase in the quality of own exam questions, central collaboration and easier versioning of examinations. In addition to the ItemManagementSystem (IMS), the EXAMINATOR for test statistics and exam evaluation as well as the KLAUS tool for paper-based exams are currently being used. The use of tOSCE and tEXAM is intended.

UCAN Partner since 2013