Medical Faculty of RWTH Aachen University

The Medical Faculty of the RWTH Aachen University has been a member of UCAN since 2013. There, central electronically supported evaluations of paper-based (MC) exams with up to 90 examinations per year are carried out with a class size of about 280 students. There are about 300 computer workplaces available at the university, which are used for examinations of other faculties (Dynexite) and in individual cases for formative examinations of the Medical Faculty. The main reasons for Aachen’s membership of UCAN were the use of the item database, the increase in the quality of its own exam questions, the centralised cooperation and easier versioning of exams. Currently, the Item Management System (IMS), the EXAMINATOR for test statistics and exam evaluation, and the KLAUS tool for paper-based exams are used in addition to the IMS. For OSPE exams, tOSCE is used in some cases. tExam is currently only used for voluntary practice exams. The use of tExam for summative examinations is planned.

UCAN Partner since 2013