University Medicine Göttingen

The University Medicine Göttingen (UMG) joined UCAN in 2008. The study regulations of human and dental medicine allow new forms of questioning techniques, especially for e-exams, and list Key Feature, Long Menu, KPrim and PickN questions as examples. In an examination handbook, sub-score rules are recommended for the last two question types and are automatically stored in the IMS. In the case of question exclusions, the faculty orientates itself on the IMPP.

Centrally supervised exams in the pre-clinical as well as in the clinical study phase are exclusively conducted as e-examinations. This also includes a small number of free text exams, which are no longer handwritten due to better readability and thus faster correction. New study programmes such as Molecular Medicine or Cardiovascular Science also use e-examinations. There are currently about 13,000 exam cases per year in about 150 exams. All exam questions are subject to a formal review by the Dean of Studies in addition to the subject-specific review in the inner circle of colleagues.

The main motivation for UCAN membership was the desire to replace paper exams with Word, a common pool of questions and integrated tools such as CAMPUS, tEXAM and EXAMINATOR. Currently, e-assessments are conducted with CAMPUS, in individual cases with tEXAM, evaluations with EXAMINATOR and OSCEs with tOSCE. The UMG was responsible for the new development of video-based items.


UCAN-Partner since 2008